Ep. 231: Is Doubt a Sin?

By Isaac Dagneau | January 30, 2023
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Join Isaac and pastor, author, and podcaster Tim Elmore as they sit down and talk about doubt. Often, we see doubt, especially in regard to faith, as a bad thing. But Tim and Isaac discuss why doubt isn’t always bad, and can actually be a healthy thing! When we go through periods of doubt in our faith in God, is that just highlighting our lack of faith? This is a great conversation that is beneficial to any follower of Christ- whether you’ve been a Christian for 50 years or 5 days- doubt always seems to creep into our lives- so how do we manage it?


Ep. 231: Is Doubt a Sin?

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Ep. 228: What is Outrage Culture?

By Isaac Dagneau | January 23, 2023

Why is it that so many people today get offended easily, even going out of their way to find something to be offended about? At times, it feels like you can’t share even the mildest opinion for fear that someone around you will get upset. This week, Isaac is going to be speaking with pastor and author Scott Sauls about just that, the prevalence of outrage culture in our society today.

Ep. 208: Is My Singleness a Punishment?

By Daniel Markin | January 16, 2023

Singleness is a calling. Singleness is a gift. But how often do we actually think of it like that and not the opposite? Jon Tyson joins us this week on indoubt to break down the stigma surrounding singleness in today’s culture.

Ep. 310: Faith Perspectives in Politics

By Daniel Markin | January 9, 2023

Canada’s political culture seems to be changing. Where it was once a place where all could freely express their faith, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to do so. What has changed about Canada’s political culture that is making it difficult for people of faith?

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We Need to Change

By Isaac Dagneau | September 22, 2022

We need to change from Christians who see faith as one compartment of their life to Christians who let faith in Jesus influence all of their life.

Purity Means Seeing More, Not Less

By Brian Walker | September 1, 2022

First published at The Gospel Coalition (TGC)  I grew up in the 80s and 90s when the war on drugs was in full swing. The federal government poured a lot of money into ad campaigns to combat drug use among young people. The “Just Say No” campaign was pervasive. It was on T-shirts, billboards, school flyers,…

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