We don’t have to look far to come to the realization that today’s culture continues to turn society away from God. We see it all around us. What used to be good is now considered bad, and what used to be bad is not only considered good, but celebrated and encouraged! On top of that, churches continue to accept some of these cultural norms and profess them as good and true.
INDOUBT exists to bring the gospel to the relevant issues of life and faith that young adults face every day. INDOUBT provides resources including our weekly YouTube/Podcast program THE INDOUBT SHOW, where host Andrew Marcus talks with authors, pastors and other Christian leaders to discuss a variety of subjects including theology, relationships, mental health, sexuality, abortion and more.
Our show includes other skits and segments including Dangerous Doctrines, where we walk through unbiblical teaching and help our viewers and listeners gain a strong understanding of Scripture. We also provide articles and other resources to help equip our community. We believe now more than ever young adults need to unashamedly stand for truth!