What Are You Thinking About?


100 Episodes!

On Monday we celebrated 100 episodes of our radio/podcast show!


Back in January 2016 when we first started, we hadn’t considered the idea of having “seasons” – like many podcasts have. So, we just decided to commit to a new podcast once a week.


Since we’ve considered the same topic in different conversations (such as sexuality, pornography, worldviews, or spiritual growth), our total number of topics we’ve engaged is around 65.

Talk to Us

Our whole purpose at INDOUBT is to bring the gospel to the relevant issues of life and faith that we all face every day. We want to help young adults think more critically and biblically about the things that life throws at them. And it’s because of this, that we want to hear from you.


We want to ask…

What are you thinking about? What are you working through? What theological issues are you struggling with? What relational problems surround you?


What do you enjoy? What are you interested in? What are you good at? What are you bad at? Who do you listen to? What do you watch?

I know it takes some effort to actually respond, but hearing from you is a major opportunity for us to create the space to have conversations that will impact today’s culture.


Would you consider responding?


The easiest way is to click the button below (or, email us at hello@INDOUBT.com)


Thanks so much!



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