It’s More Than Just Red Kettles at Christmas

It’s More Than Just Red Kettles at Christmas

This week, we were able to sit down with Jonathan Evans to talk about our biases on the poor. Jonathan has dedicated his life to serving with the Salvation Army, an organization that many of us don’t know much about! We thought we’d repost the article from the Salvation Army in hopes that it’ll help all of us understand a little bit more about what this amazing organization does, and how we can be a part of it!

So, what does the Salvation Army do?

Director of Salvation Army Vancouver, Jonathan Evans, answers.

Many think that we provide only material assistance. What we know is that Vancouver is a lonely city and longs for relationships and connection. Our volunteers may be those who benefit the most by giving back to their neighbours, acquire skills and join a community that is making a real difference in people’s lives. We are currently looking at renovating our facilities to optimize the space for community engagement, relationship building, and social enterprise.

The Salvation Army is best known for helping people who are homeless and challenged with addictions, but we are seeing a higher demand in families who are finding the costs of living in the city expensive. In addition to new immigrants and refugees, extended families rely on us and your donations weekly to supplement their groceries and acquire basic needs. Our capacity-building programs around food, wellness, and life coaching come alongside our neighbours and we are seeing them access better housing, employment while joining a supportive and loving community of hope at The Salvation Army to celebrate their successes.

Help us reach Vancouver’s most vulnerable this year. Find out how you can get involved this year by contacting us at

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