Psallos and the Purpose of Music (Newsfeed)


Back in January I had a conversation with Cody Curtis, one of the main visionaries behind Psallos (a musical group).


My first encounter with Psallos involved their incredible project, Romans. This musical album consists of 23 songs that cover the entire message of the book of Romans from the New Testament. While also recording songs based on general Christian truths, one of their defining characteristics are their “whole Bible book” projects.


The practice of writing songs from Scripture isn’t new, obviously. However, Psallos goes about this in a new and fresh way.


Rather than just taking “singable” or “workable” aspects of different phrases or doctrines from Scripture to make into songs, Psallos strives to leave nothing out – to create a musical story that hits every word. This is what they did with Romans.


Anyways, just a week ago, Cody let me know that they’re beginning recording their next “whole Bible book” project – Hebrews.


Now, when I think about music, it would seem to me that it was created by God with a purpose. It’s interesting that once God led Israel out of slavery and had split the Red Sea for them to cross to safety, they responded in song (see Exodus 15). We also read in Revelation that, not only on earth but also in heaven, songs are going to be sung to God in an attitude of praise and worship in response to Him. From just these two instances of music in the Bible (with many, many more), we’re given a glimpse of the purpose of music.

Music is an appropriate and acceptable response to who God is and what He does. And music doesn’t just remain with us on earth, but follows us into heaven.

Whether or not you’re naturally inclined to music, it’s undoubtedly an important and necessary aspect of our worship – now and in the future.


So, what better way to utilize music in the Christian life than to not only worship God, but to help teach the Bible with it?


I’m thankful for the hard work Cody and the Psallos team give to make this music. Below is a video of their Kickstarter campaign to help them raise funds for their Hebrews project. Give it a watch! And I’m also looking forward to chatting with Cody in the fall when Hebrews is released.


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