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Question: Where do you go to when you want answers? Do you Google it? Do you ask the people around you? Or do you open your Bible? This week, Ryan asks Chris Price ten quick questions, ranging from how to navigate the complexities in our friendships and dating relationships, to how we need to slow down, unplug, and stop expecting the Bible to be a quick fix. You’ll hear advice on you can better engage with Sabbath rhythms which will help you to find deeper rest in your identity. And, Chris and Ryan talk about how you should live in response, knowing how and why the Bible matters and how your life matters in the middle of it all.

Who's our guest?

Chris Price

Chris Price

Chris Price is the Lead Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. With a Masters in Christian Studies and a BA in Biblical studies, Chris’ love for teaching the Bible can be found in his Sunday messages. He is the author of Radical Hope: Resurrection Hope in a Hurting World, Suffering With God: A Thoughtful Reflection on Evil, Suffering, and Finding Hope Beyond Band-aid Solutions. Chris loves to spend time with his family, and he enjoys the lively conversations that come with being a dedicated fan of the Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Cavaliers.

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