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Let’s talk about mental health. This week on the indoubt Podcast Alison Stevens, Clinical Director of Wagner Hills Farm Society, joins us. Alison brings a perspective to the discussion of mental health, understanding that it’s about the whole person in healing. As much as we like to think that fixing one part will fix the whole, we need to acknowledge that’s not the case for most of us. Ryan and Alison talk about how you can own your recovery, learning to lean into your emotions instead of running from them.

Who's our guest?

Alison Stevens

Alison Stevens

Dr. Alison Stevens is a registered psychologist and currently is the Clinical Director and Women's Campus Director for Wagner Hills Farm Society, a residential treatment facility for men and women with problems with addiction. Alison worked for the last 14 years in private practice and prior to that worked in social services for 12 years as a therapist, and program supervisor and then manager.

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