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The Truth of the Bible should only to be exposed as it was written. On this week’s episode of the indoubt Podcast, we’re joined by Paul Park, lead pastor of South Delta Baptist Church.
The conversation surrounds the discussion of teaching versus preaching. Is one better than the other? How can we avoid leaning too far to one side? Ultimately, as Paul suggests, both teaching and preaching can be accomplished at the same time and be done well together, if done properly. Paul and Ryan move into talking about the importance of expository preaching. You’ll hear a definition of what expositional preaching can be and why it’s so important for our generation to pay attention to and practice, not just at a pulpit, but in everyday life.

Who's our guest?

Paul Park

Paul Park

Paul loves sharing the Good News of Jesus in whatever context God allows, and considers it a privilege to participate in God’s mission. With his experience of growing up in a highly secular culture and serving the Tsawwassen First Nation community, Paul has learned to share God’s word in various settings.

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