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Paul Park joins the indoubt Podcast for a second time and this week, we focus on finding a balance between preaching Truth and preaching on trends. There are times when we look at the Bible and pull scripture that fits what we’re going through at that moment. The Bible sustains us and speaks into our daily struggles. But, we can’t pick and choose. If we do that, we miss the big picture. Paul and Ryan talk about how we can better engage with our pastor and their preaching. The comparison and definition of expository and topical preaching help you to recognize the different styles at your church and ask the right questions. By trusting daily in the One who loves and corrects us, we’ll find the right balance of Truth and trends, not just at the pulpit, but every day where we’re all called to preach the Word of God.

Who's our guest?

Paul Park

Paul Park

Paul loves sharing the Good News of Jesus in whatever context God allows, and considers it a privilege to participate in God’s mission. With his experience of growing up in a highly secular culture and serving the Tsawwassen First Nation community, Paul has learned to share God’s word in various settings.

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