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What do you do when you can relate more to Rahab or Eve than Esther or Mary? On this week’s episode of the indoubt Podcast, Autumn Miles shares how God is using her past to impact those around her. Being previously in an abusive marriage, Autumn felt like her life wasn’t worth saving, or that God could use it for good. Through writing her book, I Am Rahab, she found that God provides hope to the damaged and the broken. Autumn and Ryan discuss how you can stand up to the negativity that you might come up against and how you can live out your faith in the best way. We all have areas to grow in, so the two also discuss how we can learn to better embrace the church, community and prayer to become stronger in our faith.

Who's our guest?

Autumn Miles

Autumn Miles

Autumn Miles is the founder of Autumn Miles Ministries, an organization devoted to spiritually challenging the way women think. She is a dynamic speaker who produces regular inspirational content for over 100,000 Facebook followers, in addition to speaking at conferences nationwide. Autumn has authored two books, “Appointed: Your Future Starts Now,” and “I am Rahab: Touched by God, Fully Restored.”

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