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Is who you are in real life the same as on social media? Jon Wiebe is a social media influencer, wedding officiant, Starbucks barista, and pastor, and he’s this weeks guest. Jon talks with Ryan about the productive things you can do with social media, and the influence you can have on the world around you. He also gives advice on how to find a balance between your real life with your online presence. Jon uses all of his interactions as an opportunity to talk to people he might not otherwise encounter – using his influence for good. All of our interactions are important and can have an impact that we may never know of, which is why we need to be intentional with everyone we meet.

Who's our guest?

Jon Wiebe

Jon Wiebe

Jon Wiebe works as the Director of Engagement at Fraser Point Church in Fort Langley. He is also a social media influencer, running the men’s style Instagram account @theroadtodapper. He currently lives in Abbotsford with his wife and two kids.

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