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Why are young people leaving the church in mass numbers? Why are people leaving the church at all? The question isn’t if they’re leaving, but rather, why they are. We need to be asking if there’s anything we can do to prevent the mass-exodus of young people from churches. On this week’s episode, Ryan talks with Dr. John Neufeld to discuss the issue of deconversion. Through real-life stories and examples, Dr. John tells of why a person might choose to leave the church, and how asking them why can make a huge impact. Asking that simple question could spark an important conversation, along with growth in your own faith! By touching on the primary issues talked about in culture, Dr. John gives sound advice on how you can learn to answer, and ask, the tough questions correctly!

Who's our guest?

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld, Canadian Bible Teacher, is well known both nationally and internationally for his excellence in expositional Bible teaching. Dr. Neufeld is passionate about bringing the truth of God’s Word to life across Canada and beyond.

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