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Marriage is disposable, dispensable, antiquated and something that should just make you happy. Or at least that’s what our culture tells us. On this week’s episode of indoubt, Jonathan Holmes challenges our culture’s view, saying that our culture wants anything BUT a biblical marriage. Marriage isn’t the point. The point is using the gift OF marriage to tell the story of God’s love for us to every unbeliever around us! Whether you’re single and looking forward to being married, in a dating relationship with marriage as the end goal, or if you’re already married, this episode is for you!

Who's our guest?

Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan Holmes is the Founder and Executive Director of Fieldstone Counseling. He also serves as the Pastor of Counseling for Parkside Church Bainbridge and Green. Jonathan graduated from The Master’s College with degrees in Biblical Counseling and History and his M.A. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the author of The Company We Keep and Counsel for Couples and the forthcoming Rescue Plan (P&R Publishing, 2020). He and his wife, Jennifer, have four daughters, and in his spare time, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family, reading, traveling and cooking/gardening.

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