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God takes the broken, the hurt, and the suffering and transforms them – even those who have found themselves in the darkest places on earth. There’s hope for the sex assault victim. There’s hope for the prostitute. No matter what your situation is, there’s hope. On this week’s episode, Brian McConaghy joins us to discuss the harsh realities of human trafficking today. Brian tells of the very real challenges he faced smuggling much needed medication into Cambodia 30 years ago to now, where he leads the organization, Ratanak International. Ratanak has the privilege of restoring the lives of young men and women who are survivors of real-life slavery. Brian tells of the transformative power of God, recognizing that there will always be scars, but that Christ can redeem to the point of joy.

Who's our guest?

Brian McConaghy

Brian McConaghy

Brian McConaghy, Founding Director of Ratanak International, was a career Forensic Scientist in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He has examined crime scenes both nationally and internationally, testifying in some of Canada’s most complex murder trials. He has addressed Parliamentary and Senate committees and advised G7 Law Enforcement on international child sex investigations and Human Trafficking. Today Brian finds his greatest joy in serving exploited Cambodians and seeing lives transformed from slavery to freedom.

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