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You are valuable. You are precious. You are to die for. So often, we use those words, ‘to die for’, to describe the latest, greatest and newest thing. But on this week’s episode, Brian McConaghy joins us to remind us of the power of those words. Last week, Brian shared about his encounters with victims of human trafficking, and how it can be so easy to put that knowledge of these harsh realities in a box and move on. It’s one thing to hear about the horrific realities of trafficking and exploitation in a far-off place and carry on with your day; it’s another thing to do actually something about it. Joshua and Brian zero in on how we can respond and help support organizations like Ratanak International, challenging each of us to be part of the mission of freedom.

Who's our guest?

Brian McConaghy

Brian McConaghy

Brian McConaghy, Founding Director of Ratanak International, was a career Forensic Scientist in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He has examined crime scenes both nationally and internationally, testifying in some of Canada’s most complex murder trials. He has addressed Parliamentary and Senate committees and advised G7 Law Enforcement on international child sex investigations and Human Trafficking. Today Brian finds his greatest joy in serving exploited Cambodians and seeing lives transformed from slavery to freedom.

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