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Entitled, prideful, know-it-all – millennials. Or, a stereotypical millennial in today’s culture. So, how do we stand out? How do we go against the stereotype? More importantly, how do we lead as Christian millennials? On this week’s episode of indoubt, Anne Miranda, joins Isaac to explore what it means to lead or be a leader in a younger generation. By sharing key principles, Anne helps us to understand the difference between leadership and being a leader. Young people so often want to skip to the ‘good stuff’ and be like the leader they admire. But, there’s so much to learn in the process. And in learning to avoid the pitfalls and accepting opportunities that help us become leaders, we ultimately set ourselves up for growth in the church and in our communities.

Who's our guest?

Anne Miranda

Anne Miranda

Anne's personal background is rooted in social justice. She developed Crime Prevention Programs for youth under the Attorney General's Office in BC, and loved her time in the classroom teaching Spanish and English. Currently she directs Women's Ministries at Village Church, Canada. She is known for being an Enneagram 3 and enjoys connecting people! Born and raised into a Lebanese heritage, Anne understands the challenges and beauty of being first generation Canadian. Her deep joy is being wife to Carlos and mother to Nathaniel and Hannah.

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