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What kind of Christian do you want to be at 30? 50? Or what about when you’re 70? As young adults, we tend to plan out our future careers, finances, and even our relationships, but are we factoring in our spiritual growth? On this week’s episode of indoubt, Mike Sambrook joins us to explore what a spiritually formed life looks like and the steps on the journey of how we get there. It’s easy to say, “Yes! This is what I want to be when I’m older,” but how do we move towards those big goals? And, more importantly, why is spiritual growth important? Mike and Joshua break down why we should take our future seriously and how we ultimately become better disciples through the process.

Who's our guest?

Michael Sambrook

Michael Sambrook

Michael D. Sambrook is the Principal at Brackish Consulting Group Ltd., an executive coaching/consulting practice focused on leadership development, team empowerment & emotional intelligence. For over twenty years Mike has been serving in leadership positions in a variety of organizations. As a leader & follower, Mike has observed how the relationships between leaders & their staff not only affect team dynamics & productivity, but also, & perhaps more importantly, service quality & customer experience.

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