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Think of your favourite book – how many times have you read it? Now, how many times have you read your Bible? On this week’s episode of indoubt, Tim Mackie joins Isaac to discuss the relevant question: Why should I study my Bible? So often we can forget that reading the Bible is more than just a command, but a way to further our relationship with God – so how can we do that better? You’ll hear Isaac and Tim Mackie discuss what studying the Bible can or should look like and the importance of memorizing scripture, and so much more.

[This episode was originally aired on January 2, 2017 – Episode 051: Why Study the Bible? with Tim Mackie]

Who's our guest?

Tim Mackie

Tim Mackie

Tim Mackie is a creative writer and director for The Bible Project and an adjunct professor of Old Testament at Western Seminary, both in Portland, Oregon. Tim studied at Multnomah University and Western Seminary and holds a PhD in Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He's married to Jessica, and together they’re raising two little boys, Roman and August, in the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon.

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