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On this week’s episode of indoubt, we’re welcoming back James Ellis III, University Chaplain at Trinity Western University, and this time we’re going into a discussion about COVID-19. The pandemic has stopped all of us in our tracks, and in this episode, Daniel and James take the time to address what a biblical response should be by looking directly to the Bible and what God says. It’s not a light conversation because the loss that is accompanied with the novel coronavirus is devastating. But, our outward perspective and inward posture towards God is what will make the difference in this time.

Who's our guest?

James Ellis III

James Ellis III

Ordained in the Baptist tradition, Rev. James Ellis III serves as University Chaplain and Director of Student Ministries at Trinity Western University, Canada’s leading Christian liberal arts institution of roughly 6,000 students. He is the editor of a 2015 book on Smyth & Helwys Press, Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil: Stories about the Challenges of Young Pastors.

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