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Have you ever wondered why young adults are leaving the church in record numbers? On this episode of indoubt, join our host Isaac as he talks with researcher Rick Hiemstra to discuss this reality, and what we can do to prevent it. With so many young people abandoning their faith, it’s important to understand why it’s happening, and how to combat it, since, if we’re not careful, we will soon be in a world where Christianity is no longer relatable to a younger generation, and generations after us will miss out on hearing and experiencing the truth of Jesus in their lives.

Who's our guest?

Rick Heimstra

Rick Heimstra

Rick Hiemstra is Director of Research and Media Relations at The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC). Prior to coming to the EFC, he served as a Wesleyan pastor and a mathematics and computer science teacher. Rick speaks on Canadian church and cultural trends, including the new Renegotiating Faith research. He holds a BMath, a BEd and an MTS.

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