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  • January 30, 2017

Ep. 055: Human Sexuality Q and A

With and Isaac Dagneau

Christian Answers on LGBTQ Questions

“Does David and Jonathan’s relationship condone homosexuality?” “Can a homosexual serve in my church?” “Should I allow my son/daughter/friend to stay overnight in my house with their partner?” Dozens of questions fill our minds when it comes to how the church behaves around the LGBTQ community. Without a doubt, showing genuine love is the most important, but there are definitely some practical questions that stump us. For two weeks we’ll be airing a 2-part Q&A series called “Human Sexuality.” At a recent event we held (Sexual Identity) we had a live panel that gave Christian answers on LGBTQ questions from the audience. The panel consisted of a popular Bible teacher, a Christian apologist, and a pastor. The answers are biblical and genuine and will be sure to help you in your mind.


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