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By the grace of God and lots of hard work, indoubt has made it to 100 episodes. We couldn’t be more grateful for all those who’ve been on the show and all those who’ve listened. We hope you’ll celebrate with us! This week on the show we feature Isaac, Brittney, and Jake (the original guestcast participants), along with a few special guests, as they celebrate and talk about a theological subject that needs some clarification today – sin. Consider this week’s episode a “special edition.”

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*Below is an edited transcription of the audio conversation.



Hey. Welcome to indoubt! My name is Isaac, and with me today are two very, very special guests. Firstly, we have the delightful Brittney, and secondly, but not less important obviously is …



Just as delightful.


Just as delightful, is Jake.


Hey, guys. How you doing?






Doing well.



That’s awesome. So, the reason why we’re doing this is because … Drum roll please.


indoubt has, by the grace of God and lots of hard work, reached 100 episodes.






We are gonna put in one of those fake cheering-






Yeah, cheering.



Are we really?



Yeah, we’ll do that.



Okay, okay.



That’s good – and some horns, too.



Yeah, exactly. 100%.


Today’s episode is less of a product or resource in the sense that you might listen to a couple weeks ago when we talk about God’s omniscience and you listen to it, sort of a timeless episode. It’s less of that and just more of a conversation, more of a celebratory kind of remembrance in all these different things. In fact, we’re going to be making a couple of calls throughout the show to have some more conversations with people as well.


To all of our listeners, we couldn’t have got to 100 episodes without you, so thank you so, so much. It means a lot.


Anyways, before we talk about something at least of a little bit of substance, I’m interested to hear first how you guys have been doing. Britt, I mean, you and I are married if people didn’t know that, but hey, for those who don’t know, what have you been up to, how’s it going?



Well, I think, I don’t want to speak for Jake, but I’m pretty sure last time we were both on here we were both in school, and now we are not. So that’s a good feeling.



That’s good, what did you graduate with?



I have my bachelor of arts in English literature.



Awesome. Jake, what’s up?



A lot of stuff, yeah. I think last time I was on, I just started doing some youth stuff. But I’m in full-time youth and young adult’s pastoring right now. I took a semester off, I was going to TWU, but just to get things going took a semester off which has been nice actually, just to focus on some pastoral stuff.


But it’s been really good, no, I’m really enjoying it.



Oh that’s awesome, that’s good. I’m also going to make a special guest call right now, we’re going to call and just say, “Hey,” to a special guest.






Hey, Sean. How’s it going?



Pretty good.



Sean, as you know, we are recording our 100th episode of indoubt and you have been obviously a huge aspect, part of indoubt. You were actually one of the first people to actually say, “Hey, we should do a podcast,” when we were working together. So what do you have to say about the 100th episode of indoubt?



I would have to say that perseverance is king, and I’m just super stoked that it’s made it this far. And for everybody listening, thank you for listening and for all the support because obviously it doesn’t happen without people listening, so to all the listeners who keep tuning in, thanks so much.



Well, thanks Sean, so much, and we’ll talk to you soon, all right?



Great, have a good one.



The special guest, right?



I miss Sean.



I was surprised!



Yeah, were you surprised?



I was. I wasn’t expecting that.



Oh good. That’s awesome.


All right, If you’re listening for the very first time maybe on one of the radio stations across Canada, I think we’re on, over 11 now? 11 or more, something like that. And you have no idea what indoubt is;

indoubt is a young adult ministry that seeks to bring the gospel to the relevant issues of life and faith that we all go through every single day, to cultivate conversation.

You know, this is kind of obvious, but we’ve had now 100, well I guess 99, this is the 100th conversation, with over 65 different guests from around the world talking about subjects ranging from worldviews, dating, pornography, sexual identity, marijuana, church history, music and art, many others as well. Now you can access all of these 30 minute conversations for free. Simply subscribe to our show on iTunes, or your favorite podcast player, or click episodes at the top of the page at if you live in Canada, or if you live in the States.


You guys both use iPhone’s right?






You know it.



Okay, whoa. That was assertive.



That was very assertive-