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If you were anyone (living anywhere) that spoke English just 150 or so years ago, you would have probably had the King James Bible. Finished in 1611, this was the first major English translation of the Bible to take off. Now, over 400 years later, the question is: what are we to do with it? This might seem like an odd or irrelevant question, but don’t judge too quickly. There is lot’s to talk about when it comes to the KJV, and it leads into how we view our Bible translations as a whole today. Join the conversation with author Mark Ward as he discusses the story of the KJV, KJV-Onlyism, Bible translation idolatry, and more.

Who's our guest?

Dr. Mark Ward

Dr. Mark Ward

Mark Ward received his PhD in New Testament Interpretation from Bob Jones University in 2012. He now serves the church as a Logos Pro, writing weekly on Bible study for the Logos Talk Blog and training users in the use of Logos Bible Software. He blogs at

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