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Myriads of people live without or in denial of hope every day – including Christians. Christians may give lip service to their “hope” in Jesus and the gospel, but can easily reject that hope from entering their hearts. The issue is that we’re living in a cynical age. An age where negativity and excessive sarcasm abounds – resulting in a kind of stoicism. But, is there hope? Dr. Jason Duesing believes so. There’s a great hope to be found (or rediscovered) – a hope that’s worth losing everything for.


Who’s Our Guest?

Dr. Jason Duesing serves as the academic Provost and Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jason also serves as a research fellow for the ERLC, on the board of directors for the CBMW, academic editor of the Midwestern Journal of Theology, and general editor for For the Church resources. Duesing is married to Kalee, and together they have four children: Gracyn, Ford, Lindsey, and George.

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Dr. Jason Duesing’s book is called Mere Hope: Life in an Age of Cynicism. It comes out this June, but make sure to preorder it!




You can read more from Jason at his blog,




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