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Like most things in life, social media can be used really badly or really well. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to gain approval and acceptance, or to proudly show-off your seemingly perfect life, then it’s probably not helping you or those around you. But, however, if you use social media to equip and serve others, then that’s awesome. Social media is a medium or a tool by which God desires us to use for his glory and the good of others. Chris Martin helps use think through this.


Who’s Our Guest?

Chris Martin is an Author Development Specialist at LifeWay. He helps a select group of authors engage with their audiences online in order to better serve them with digital content like blog posts or videos. He also manages the blog and social media of Eric Geiger, Vice President of LifeWay Resources. Chris is on Twitter @ChrisMartin17.

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