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Suffering and grief will always be relevant. In light of the recent Humboldt tragedy and countless other unheard stories of suffering, it’s always good to remind ourselves that we, as Christians, suffer differently. Two seasoned pastors – Dr. John Neufeld and Clint Nelson – join us to talk about how we can suffer well, and how we can help others in their suffering.



Who Are Our Guests?

Dr. John Neufeld, Canadian Bible Teacher of Back to the Bible Canada, is well known both nationally and internationally for his excellence in expositional Bible teaching. Dr. Neufeld is passionate about bringing the truth of God’s Word to life across Canada and beyond.

Clint Nelson is the lead pastor at Parkside Church. Originally from Vancouver Island, he now lives in the Fraser Valley with his two kids.

Episode Links

You can access the video and transcript of Sean Brandow’s address after the Humboldt tragedy here.



The conversation between Dr. John Neufeld and Clint Nelson was originally recorded and published in the fall of 2016. You can listen to that extended conversation in Episode 039: How to Deal with Suffering and Grief.




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