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The media doesn’t usually emphasize (or ever even state) the negative findings when it comes to the research of transgender people. The reality is, the findings are striking. Sure, the short-term effects of say, people who follow through with sex-reassignment surgery, are good, but what about the long-term effects? With us again this week is pastor and researcher Paul Dirks to talk about some of these facts. We also talk about how we, as Christians, can better engage with those who share differing beliefs with us.

Who's our guest?

Paul Dirks

Paul Dirks

Paul Dirks is the Lead Pastor of New West Community Church. He lives in the neighbourhood of Sapperton with his wife Rachel, and his five children. He came to know Christ at a young age through the godly influence of his parents and thinks that such a conversion is as exciting as any. Paul has a big smile and loud laugh. He enjoys basketball, history, and music. Paul loves preaching and teaching and enjoys books by John Piper, CS Lewis, and GK Chesterton.

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