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Perhaps you don’t read the Bible because you don’t think it’s reliable. It’s amazing what studying the Bible’s reliability can do for the skeptic and Christian alike. For the skeptic, it challenges their presupposed ideas that have been hammered in their minds from the Discovery Channel, and for the Christian, it strengthens their faith in God and encourages them to read and meditate more often. It’s a privilege to chat with Simon Peacock this week, a young Christian leader who’s taken upon himself the study of the New Testament’s reliability. We ask him about the need to study the Bible’s reliability, what some of the best arguments are for it (and against it), as well as how we can use what we’ve studied in our evangelism.

Who's our guest?

Simon James Peacock

Simon James Peacock

Simon James Peacock is a 20-something British Expat living in BC, Canada. Married to Jenna and with a newborn son, Everett, Simon is the Student Ministries Assistant at Coquitlam Alliance Church and founded The Death of Doctrine in 2017.

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