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One site on the internet says that roughly 600 movies are released each year – and that’s just in the US. If you add every other country, you’ll be in the thousands. Then add novels, plays, etc. to the mix, and one thing becomes very clear: stories are powerful and popular. So, what exactly constitutes a story? Why is storytelling essential for the gospel? And why should Christians be invested in both engaging and telling stories? Pastor and children’s book author Casey Fritz is with us to help us through these questions.


Who is Our Guest?

Casey Fritz is the Head of Story, writer and illustrator at Patrol. Casey also is the preaching pastor for Collective Church in Los Angeles. His role at Patrol brings together his lifelong love of imaginative tales as well as his theological and pastoral gifts. As Head of Story, Casey works with a team of writers, artists, and other collaborators in order to maximize the narrative power and gospel truths of the books Patrol puts out. Casey is the author of the Cottonmouth series, Good Night Tales, and The Moonman Cometh.

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Find out more about Patrol where Casey is Head of Story, writer and illustrator.



Also, check out Collective Church where Casey pastors.


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