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By living out love and hope and joy in Jesus, those around you will take notice and sometimes it’s less about what we teach and more about how we live. When so many seek wisdom from the people that surround them and are more likely to engage with a real-life story, that’s usually a good place to start. Kelly Manire joins indoubt as this week’s guest and he has been able to build up relationships in campus ministry, just by telling his story and encouraging others to do the same. He shares about how God has shaped his life and used him in different places around the world, such as Saskatchewan, Russia and now, the Lower Mainland of BC. Ryan and Kelly discuss where young adults currently seem to be placing their focus; what universities and colleges might be lacking in today’s culture; and how to begin making an impact by communicating the Gospel, on campuses or daily life in general.

Who's our guest?

Kelly Manire

Kelly Manire

Kelly Manire has been a full-time youth pastor, associate pastor, campus minister, and missionary namely to young adults since 1985. God has given him the privilege to serve in churches in Scotland, the US, Canada, and Russia. Kelly and his wife enjoy watching movies on Netflix, buying Starbucks Coffee mugs from places they’ve visited, and collecting retro Westfalia Camper Vans.

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