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Have you ever asked yourself the question: Am I relying too much on feeling God in a real way rather than living out my day to day relationship with Him? This week, special guest Jeremy King returns to indoubt and helps us to look at how easy it is to live from moment to moment with God. Ryan and Jeremy discuss the importance of spiritual rhythms and disciplines which help us navigate a daily relationship with the Lord so that those encounters with God can happen all the time. When Jesus walked the Earth, even He practiced the spiritual disciplines; He modelled how to live in relationship with God and depend on the Spirit. Let’s let prayer, Bible reading, solitude, and fasting, among others, challenge us and be seen as a gift, not a burden.

Who's our guest?

Jeremy King

Jeremy King

Jeremy King has been a pastor for 10 years and spent 5 of those years directing the Christian Life Assembly Interns program. He has most recently been leading the young adult community at Christian Life Assembly Langley. He and his wife, Brie, are both passionate about seeing young people encounter the risen Christ and discover what it means to live their lives in response to who He is.

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