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If money was the answer, poverty would have been solved decades ago. Money, however, is only one piece and poverty isn’t created by a lack of money alone. In this week’s episode, we speak with Barry Slauenwhite and discuss his new book, Strategic Compassion. As the President and CEO of Compassion Canada, Barry has witnessed extreme poverty and interacted with the poorest of the poor. Many of us often think that money is the solution to ‘fix’ poverty, but Ryan and Barry take a look at the holistic approach that Compassion Canada focuses on. From a young age, Barry felt the calling that God placed on his life and he has now devoted many years to children in extreme poverty, making sure they feel loved, known, protected and cared for, not just by him and the rest of Compassion, but by God as well. The call of this episode, in particular, is for you to really stop and think and be strategic in your own personal fight against poverty. So, take a moment, or two, build your plan and be strategic with how you help those who need it.

Who's our guest?

Barry Slauenwhite

Barry Slauenwhite

Barry Slauenwhite is the President and CEO of Compassion Canada. Barry began his career as a pastor at churches in the Maritimes of Canada and joined Compassion in 1983. Author of A Journey of Compassion and Strategic Compassion—Reuniting the Good News and Good Works in the Fight Against Poverty; Barry speaks regularly at churches and schools across Canada and internationally. He challenges Christians to look at poverty from a biblical perspective and evaluate their approach to missions.

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