indoubt Podcast Episode 156: (Pro-)Life Is Beautiful – Stephanie Gray Pt. 1 Download Episode

What is the value of life? When is it okay to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to a new life? In this week’s episode, indoubt has the opportunity to speak with Stephanie Gray on the subject of abortion and ask questions that surround it. Ryan and Stephanie get to the heart of the external and internal factors that play a huge part in a decision to abort. In certain circumstances, a woman may feel shame, fear, and sometimes hurt, and the two discuss whether or not preventing a life will erase those emotions. Stephanie unpacks helpful tools that better equip you to talk about abortion and the value of a preborn child in everyday conversation. Genuine love, compassion and understanding is far more valuable than forcing your opinion on someone and stopping the conversation, and potentially the relationship, altogether. She also provides some wisdom that will help you if someone you know is considering aborting their pregnancy. We want you to think and question, but ultimately, we want to make sure you know that the reward of life goes beyond our circumstances; life may not be what you’re expecting it to be, but it is beautiful.

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