Jude 1-4
2 Peter 2:1-3
Ephesians 2:1-22


When God first called you through His gospel, it wasn’t because you chose to be called. You didn’t first ask God to love you. You didn’t apply to be kept for Jesus Christ. No, God called, loved, and kept you first. The Christian life isn’t like a prestigious university in which you apply and maybe get accepted – the Christian life is about a God who adopts sinners into His home. It’s not our place to try and figure out a certain requirement or standard. God’s adoption is a mystery (John 3:8). There’s no room for boasting in your salvation, but only praising God (Ephesians 2:1-22).

Now, think about Jude’s appeal – it’s laid out clearly in v. 3. We don’t hear a lot of Christian leaders/pastors making this appeal today. The reality is that the nature of the spiritual environment in Jude’s day isn’t any different than today. Think about Jude’s occasion for writing this letter. There’s a reason why Jude is strong with his appeal. And there’s a reason he’s calling the church to fulfill it.


Consider the following questions for yourself or your small group discussion:

1. How does the fact that God called you first, loved you first, and kept you for Jesus first, make you think of your identity as a Christian?

2. Does Jude’s appeal to “contend for the faith” sit well with you? What do you immediately think of when asked to fight/struggle for the gospel? Why do you think that way?

3. Would you agree that there’s just as much false teaching today than there was back in the 1st Century? Have you ever experienced false teaching firsthand? What was it like?

4. Our Christian culture often promotes unity and love in expense of sound truth. Does this upset you? Why or why not?

5. Ask Jesus to give you a genuine zeal for the task of contending for the faith. In what ways will you fight/struggle for the faith throughout the week.

About Isaac Dagneau

Isaac is one of the indoubt hosts. He also serves as the Lead Pastor at North Valley Baptist Church in Mission, BC.