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The Best is Ahead - Free CD January 2022

Join Dr. Neufeld this week for his new series: The Best is Ahead. We will study Jesus' words to the disciples in Matthew 24 as we spend five days discovering Jesus' own words about his return, and how we ought to be living with great expectation!

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Ep. 140: Can Christians Swear?

By Isaac Dagneau | January 10, 2022

What is a Christian theology of speech? God has given us the ability to speak. And if we are anything like our God (and Genesis 1:26-27 says we are), then our words have power. Not power like God’s words have, but a powerful influence – either for good or bad. Joining us is Vancouver-based pastor…

Ep. 084: Never Settle for Normal

By Isaac Dagneau | January 3, 2022

Are you living in a ‘stupid normal’? Here’s the long and the short of it: we, as human beings, are created for God. Because of this, we long for significance and joy. However, today’s culture has removed “God” from their thinking, resulting in a ‘stupid normal’ lifestyle that doesn’t acknowledge God at all. The irony is,…

Ep. 257: A Little Hope

Ep. 257: A Little Hope

By Daniel Markin | December 27, 2021

Phil Callaway is a prolific author, speaker, and radio host of Back to the Bible Canada’s Laugh Again. Phil has a gift for storytelling and helping people rediscover the hope and joy that can be found in a daily walk with Jesus. Join Phil and indoubt host Daniel as they discuss the need for hope…


How Should I Live? 3 Things to Check When Making a Decision

By Isaac Dagneau | August 17, 2021

One of the things I’m noticing as I grow older is a greater interest in how I behave and act as a Christian in regards to a specific area in life – yet, areas that I wouldn’t have thought of as much when I was younger. I think about, What kinds of movies should I…

The Loneliness Epidemic

By Daniel Markin | August 12, 2021

by Dr. Mark Mayfield I could see their lips moving, but the words were muffled. I leaned in trying harder to hear what they were saying, even though I knew what they were saying. It felt like I was in one of those out-of-body experiences you see in the movies. The scene where everything around…

7 Reminders for Every Churchgoer

By Isaac Dagneau | August 5, 2021

God Chose Family Throughout history, family has always been the centre of life. In The Meaning of Marriage, author Tim Keller points out that the Bible starts with marriage (Adam and Eve), and ends with marriage (Christ and the Church). Family has always been there. We find that God developed the family to bring new life,…


Israel Experience 2022

Travel to the Holy Land and experience some of the locations where Jesus, Paul, David and so many others walked!

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The Gathering 2021

The Gathering is our Virtual Celebration Event that took place Sept 19th, 2021. It features a wonderful hour of worship, Bible teaching and encouragement. So enjoy, and we pray it will bring great blessing!

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