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  • March 6, 2017

Ep. 060: The First Step with Evan Koons

With and Isaac Dagneau

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The First Step in Engaging Culture

With technology advancing at such an incredible rate lately, one can only imagine how much it’s having an affect on Christianity and culture. One of the many ramifications is the ability to “Go Big!” with anything and everything. No longer are we creating Bible studies for our personal home group, we’re making it so it can be distributed all over the world. No longer is our pastor just preaching to his two hundred person flock, he’s preaching to the world. You get the idea. With hundreds of churches and parachurch organizations doing “Big Things!” the possible assumption among “ordinary” Christians is that they have to do something “Big!” to be a “good Christian,” or just a “regular Christian.” This, obviously, is foolish – but we need to be retold again and again. Writer, actor, and speaker Evan Koons joins us this week on the show to talk about what it looks like to engage culture as an “ordinary” Christian. The conversation also has an incredibly awkward moment when the host (Isaac, who’s writing this) isn’t understanding Evan. You’ll have to listen to find out.

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