Ep.38: World Religions Unraveled: Mormonism

We have heard it said before that Mormonism is a denomination within the Christian faith. Is this truly the reality? If so, why are they on a mission to convert other Christians? In our new series “World Religions Unraveled”, we do a deep dive into the history of Mormonism and study their core beliefs. Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with author and lead pastor of Crossroads Church, Matthew Emadi, as they unpack Mormonism’s main theological points and compare them to those in the Christian faith.

Ep.37: Unpacking Legalism, License, and Liberty in Christianity

Often times on our journeys, we get distracted by ditches that hinder us from living out a life of faith and obedience. Legalism and license are two of the easiest pitfalls that we are tempted to fall into as believers. What are these ditches and what can we do to avoid them? Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with Pastor Lee Francois from Crossridge church as they unpack not only the dangers of legalism and license, but also the beauty and liberty that we find in Christ!

Ep.36: Key Principles From the Book of Proverbs

The book of Proverbs is known to be filled with wisdom to help its readers engage with their culture, avoid pitfalls and traps from the enemy, and live in peace and godliness amongst one’s community. Fun fact: Did you know that the book of Proverbs was mainly written for young people? If that is the case (which it is), then as a young adults’ podcast, we want to take time to do a deep dive! Join host Andrew Marcus as he sits down with theologian, professor, and Bible teacher Ivan De Silva to walk through the book of Proverbs and see how it is incredibly relevant for today’s culture.

Ep.35: Raising Kids Who Hunger for God

Raising kids can be a terrifying thought for some of us. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy! It’s okay to be scared! The reality is, children are a blessing from God and bring so much joy to our homes. That being said, they are a huge responsibility. Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with our dear friend Phil Callaway from Laugh Again as they talk about what it’s like raising kids in today’s culture and how we can play a role in helping point them to Christ every day.