Ep. 57: No Such Thing as an “Excusable” Sin w/ Author Jen Oshman

Have you heard the term “respectable sins?” You know, the little white lie, cheating on a test, gossiping about your friend at church. The sins we don’t take too seriously because they are “small” or “insignificant.” Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with Author Jen Oshman where they discuss the concept of respectable sins and the importance of recognizing and addressing them in our lives.

Ep. 56: What Does Christianity Say About AI? w/Andy Steiger

As artificial intelligence continues to develop, we continue to revisit the conversation to ensure we are one step ahead as believers. With Neurolink’s latest brain chip implanted in the first human, and Sweden’s micro chips becoming more and more popular, allowing people to purchase goods and unlock their car with their hands, how far is too far? Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with founder of Apologetics Canada, Andy Steiger, where they unpack the latest in AI and how we as Christians should respond to the fast pace of technology.

Ep. 55: Quality of Life in Singleness, Dating, Marriage, & Parenting w/ Cliff & Erin Ursel

There are so many different life stages that we can prepare for before we walk through them. It’s important to plan ahead as best as we can even though there are certain unknowns that go before us. In today’s program, host Andrew Marcus gets to spend time with longtime friends Cliff and Erin Ursel, pastors at Westside Church in Vancouver, and unpack all stages of life: singleness, dating, engagement, marriage and raising kids.

Ep. 54: Inflation, War, Tech, Discipleship, & Sheltered Christianity w/ Luke Friesen

You don’t have to look far to see that many people are struggling as we head into 2024. With the cost of living constantly rising, the talk and rumours of war, the advancement of technology happening at an alarming rate, it is easy to get overwhelmed by what seems to be chaos!! Join INDOUBT’s host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with Luke Friesen, Northview Church’s high school pastor, as they lean into finding hope in the midst of hardship.