Ep.42: What Does “In Christ” Actually Mean?

The New Testament is flooded with the language that once we confess our sins and declare that Jesus is Lord, we are now “in Christ.” What does it actually mean to be in Christ? This is an earth shattering reality that will change your life forever if you truly understand and live out this truth! Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with lead pastor (and former host of INDOUBT) Isaac Dagneau as they unpack this beautiful reality for us as believers that is sure to give you a new sense of hope and peace!

Ep.41: Addressing Christian Bigotry in Christian Circles

It is becoming increasingly popular to hear the word “bigot” in today’s culture, especially one who tries to live in a way that honours the Lord. The reality is, the more Christians stand on the truths of Scripture, the more we are going to look like we are coming against the ways of the world. How can Christians balance the need to address bigotry and misconceptions about Christianity while also maintaining a respectful and harmonious environment everywhere they go? Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with Kaitlin Febles from Chick Fil A to discuss how we can be salt and light in a world that accuses Christianity of being hateful and hurtful to those with opposing views.

Ep.40: World Religions Unraveled: Buddhism

We often hear people use the term “karma.” The idea that good things happen when you do good, and bad things happen to you in response to your negative actions. Karma is very closely connected to Buddhism, but in the western world, we view karma (and Buddhism for that matter) with different lenses than those devoted to the religion in other parts of the world. Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with our ministry friend Steve Kim from Apologetics Canada as we unpack the history of Buddhism, their theology and how we as Christians can love them and point them to the truths found in Scripture.

Ep.39: World Religions Unraveled: Catholicism

There has been a long history between Roman Catholics and Protestants when it comes to theology and interpreting the Scriptures. There are similarities between both Roman Catholics and Protestants, but here’s the question: Are there differences? And if there are differences, are they major or minor ones? Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with author and professor Gregg R. Allison as they unpack the reality that although Roman Catholics and Protestants use the same terms, we may be using different dictionaries.