Ep. 63: UNLOCKING Psalms’ Power for TODAY’S Worship! w/ The Psalms Project

The Book of Psalms is filled with amazing songs that teach us so much about who God is and what He has done for us! It shows us what a true and genuine relationship looks like, an opportunity that we all have when we put our faith and trust in Jesus! Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with Shane Heilman from The Psalms Project where they unpack the significance of the book of Psalms, and how important it is for us to immerse ourselves in God’s Word!

Ep. 62: Can Suffering Be a Curse and a Blessing? w/ Nate Pickowicz

There is a big distinction that we need to address in the area of kindness. Kindness is far more than being nice. Christians are called to show kindness in a world that often promotes meanness. But what is true kindness? How do we define it? What does it look like in everyday life? Join guest host Daniel Markin as he spends time with Nate Pickowicz, pastor of Harvest Bible Church, where they discuss his latest book called The Kindness of God. Nate shares a bit of his personal journey and unpacks key elements in his latest book to help us understand the true kindness of God and how to apply it to our everyday lives, especially in the midst of suffering.

Ep. 61: How to Share Your Faith Effectively w/ Dr. John Neufeld

Often times we hear people grumbling and complaining about immigration, how our country and the cities that make it up are becoming over populated and causing all sorts of headaches. Is it possible that we are just looking at all that is happening with the wrong perspective? Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with Dr. John Neufeld from Back to the Bible Canada where they unpack what God is doing in our world today and how we can be on mission to share our faith with all those God is bringing into our spheres of influence.

Ep. 60: Did Jesus ACTUALLY Come Back to Life? w/ George Sinclair

There are many people in today’s society and throughout history who believed that Jesus was a real person. They believe he was a good person, a teacher, and that he helped many people. But when it comes to the resurrection, this is where they begin to doubt. In a compelling episode on THE INDOUBT SHOW, host Andrew Marcus sits down with George Sinclair (Pastor of Church of the Messiah) as they delve into the depths of evidence surrounding the resurrection of Jesus. George Sinclair, renowned for his scholarly contributions to Christian apologetics, articulates the multifaceted strands of evidence we find throughout the Word of God and how the resurrection transformed early church communities!