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Before you Open Your Bible


9 Heart Postures for Approaching God’s Word” by Matt Smethurst

How do you approach the Bible? Although we may know that it’s God’s Word, it’s still often intimidating and confusing. “Before You Open Your Bible” is a practical and accessible guide to prepare your heart to receive God’s Word. It’s the absolute first step to getting the most out of Scripture, and we’re offering it for free this month to help you get back to the Bible.

There is no shortage of theology books or Bible commentaries for understanding the difficult parts of Scripture, but this unique resource focuses on the more basic issue that takes away from our Bible reading: heart posture. We all approach the Bible in a certain way and bring assumptions as we read it, but “Before You Open Your Bible” succinctly guides readers into those heart postures which will help us to commune with our Creator in hearing and obeying His Words.

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