Ep. 068: Islam, Canada, and M-103

“Canadians don’t know Muslims; they don’t understand Islam. And that ignorance is fuelling a lot of fear. And the fear is just leading people to become more aggressive.” This is a small excerpt from this week’s important conversation on Islam, Canada, and the recent motion that was passed in Canada – M-103. We’re joined by Dr. Wesley A. Thiessen from Calgary, Alberta who has lived for many years in both North Africa and Jerusalem. It was during this time that God began to work in and through Dr. Thiessen’s life to help him learn the religion of Islam more in depth. This has led him to have many great relationships with Muslims, and great knowledge to help people like us who may not know how to respond to the influx of Muslims in Canada. We all have different ideas and opinions, so let’s talk. But first, listen to this conversation with Dr. Thiessen.

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