Loving One Another Through a COVID-19 Pandemic

Loving Each Other Through Covid-19 | indoubt.ca

This article was originally published on The Gospel Coalition Canada, Loving One Another through a COVID-19 Pandemic, written by Christel Humfrey. __________ Pandemics can make us feel helpless and afraid. I recently saw a meme going around social media of Jean-Luc Picard bracing for impact on the starship Enterprise and the caption read “How I…

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Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, Hope and Love article on indoubt

Multiple times in the New Testament we read of faith, hope & love. Because faith, hope & love play an essential role in the life of the believer.

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Episode 047: Culture and Sexuality (Sexual Identity Part 2)

Sexual Identity: In our second episode of our 3-week Sexual Identity series, Apologetics Canada Associate Steve Kim gives a live 15-minute presentation on culture’s understanding of things like tolerance, love, and more. He tackles some cultural phrases like “Love is love,” “I was born this way,” and “I feel like a man, trapped in a…

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Episode 004: Sex & God

Love and Lust: This is the final episode of our Love & Lust series! Christian counsellor Tom Brooks talks about sexual addiction, why young people struggle, and what it means to “invite God in to your sex life.”

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