How CHRISTIANS Should Navigate NEGATIVE Self-Talk w/ John Beeson

Our minds are factories of thoughts – some intentional, some not. Sometimes these thoughts are born of morbid curiosity, and other times these thoughts arise from our sinful hearts. Where do these thoughts come from? How do we deal with such thoughts? What about negative self-talk? Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with pastor and author John Beeson where they discuss the root of these thoughts and practical tools to help navigate them when they spontaneously show up in your thought life!

How GOD’S working in The MIDDLE EAST! w/ Uncle Sam

God is doing great things in the Middle East. The stories of people having visions of Jesus, brothers in the Lord getting sent to jail, not realizing their purpose of being there was to share the Good News with those on the inside! God is amazing, and doing amazing things! Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with his uncle where they unpack all the exciting ministry that is happening in the Middle East! You will be so inspired to live out your faith for Christ by these stories!

Wealth and Stewardship Advice w/ David Ash

A lot of people quote the passage incorrectly and say that money is the root of all kinds of evil. They are missing one key word. Love. It is, in fact, the love of money that is the root of all kinds of evil. Money in itself is not evil. It can be used for good and for God! The Bible talks a lot about money. The importance of saving, the dangers of debt, and the temptation to worship it rather than use it for the glory of God. Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with author, investor and entrepreneur David Ash where they unpack 6 key principles for financial freedom. It is important to get your finances in order to be good stewards of God’s money!