The RAPTURE Debate and END TIMES Theology w/ Brent Smith

There are so many questions when it comes to eschatology and our views on the end times. It is important to study and be aware of today’s climate in the spiritual world and the glorious hope we have awaiting for us as followers of Christ. Are we currently in the end times? Is there a such thing as a rapture? When will it happen? What are the different end times theologies and why are there different viewpoints? Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends time with Pastor Brent Smith from Riverside Calvary Chapel where they dive deep into the Rapture, the book of Revelation and our blessed hope that awaits us in Christ!

Is Medical Assistance in Death ETHICAL?? w/ Ewan Goligher

MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) continues to gain popularity. In fact, here in Canada, we are statistically leading the charge. People are traveling literally from around the world to go through the procedure of ending their life. Is this something that should be concerning as a Christian? Where should we stand when it comes to MAID? How do we, as believers, help those who are contemplating going this route? How do we grieve with hope if we’ve lost someone through MAID? As medical assistance in dying continues to gain popularity, we need to equip ourselves with a solid biblical foundation on the importance of life and how to navigate through these challenging discussions with grace.

Do You Believe God IS and DOES Good? w/ Garrett Kell

It is important for us to look throughout history to be inspired by the goodness of God and His faithfulness amongst His children. We learn how to stay strong when we go through hardships and how to remain faithful even when we feel like giving up. George Muller, evangelist, pastor and director of an orphanage in Bristol, England was a man of great faith who suffered great loss and endured unimaginable suffering. Yet in the midst of all he went through, we see a man of faith, a passionate prayer warrior and someone who deeply loved Jesus. Join host Andrew Marcus as he spends with pastor Garrett Kell where they walk through George Muller’s life and glean wisdom from a man who remained faithful till the end.